The Herreshoffs

Halsey Chase Herreshoff

The grandson of Capt. Nat Herreshoff, Halsey designed the America 18 boats in 1971. Produced with a fiberglass hull and wood trim, the design has a shallow draft and centerboard to allow for beaching, shoals, and transport on a trailer. Halsey designed many boats including ketches from 27- 45 feet, and the Freedom 40. He went on to serve on many America's Cup defenders and served as the president of the Herreshoff Museum.

Capt. Nat Herreshoff

Capt. Nat Herreshoff: Nathanael Herreshoff worked for the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company as the chief designer and engineer. He made a name for himself as a Naval Architect, primarily known for designing 6 America's Cup defenders including Vigilant, Defender, Columbia, and Resolute.

John Brown Herreshoff: Known as the "blind boat builder," or "the blind genius," John Herreshoff ran the business side of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company. Gifted in mathematics, it is said he could price out the materials for an entire build in his head.

To learn more about the Herreshoff's and their legacy, visit the Herreshoff Museum by clicking the link.

John Brown Herrshoff