Rebuilding The Trailer

Replacing the hubs, bearings, springs and hardware.

First task is to remove and clean the tires. Then replace the springs and hubs. Although you don't have to paint galvanized steel, it is possible and dresses them up a bit.

Replacing the Keel Rollers

First had to remove the old keel rollers by cutting off the bolts and little hammering. Then sand down the corrosion spots and coat with binding primer. Last thing was to install the new parts.

Replacing the Frame Bolts and Electrical

Had to force and/or cut the rusted and flaking frame bolts that connect the cross members to the frame, then clean and replace the hardware. For the electrical, ran new wires through the frame and added new side lights, then removed the electrical tape that was used to tape the old wiring to the frame.

Replacing the winch

The original winch was rated for less than it should have been, which, including the rust, necessitated an update. See the final trailer video for the new winch.

Recarpeting the bunks

Had to replace the bunk supports so they could be adjusted properly and put new carpet on them.